Book Club: How to Be Happy All The Time (Part 5)



Hey there.  Welcome.  We have come to the last part in my 5 part video series and book club.  This week, we are reading Paramhansa Yogananda’s book, How to Be Happy All the Time (Wisdom of Yogananda) (v. 1).  We discussing the following paragraph.

Keep your expectations of life positive.  Strive to live with unceasing happiness.  Let not your possessions possess you, nor the petty details of worldly life invade with hordes of worry the stillness of your heart.  Gain strength to rise above distraction by sipping frequently the nectar of inner peace, given you lovingly by angel hands as you grow silently toward Self-realization”

Oo- lots of good stuff here!  What a great paragraph to round out the discussion of this book.

So, like many cliches, we have heard “stay positive” since we were in grammer school and so it can glaze right over us instead of reminding us to truly, truly expect good things to happen.

Call it The Law Of Attraction, praying, good energy, mucho mojo, angels on your shoulder or whatever… when you step out into the world with a cheerful heart, big ol’ smile and- good things happen.  Right?  You catch all green lights.  Meet someone cute at the coffee shop.  Get a card in the mail from your mom.   Find $100 in your pocket.  Life becomes an exciting adventure of guessing what wonderful person, place or thing will happen next.

You know it’s true.

The problem is that somewhere along the way we got our heart broken.  And it really hurt.  And now dreaming isn’t so much fun anymore.  The fear of being disappointed is too heavy a wager for our fragile hearts.

Bah.  We need to stop being weenies is what we need to do.  We have everything to gain and no time to lose!  We won’t live forever and we can’t take it with us, so why not expect the best?  It’s much more fun than brooding about the inequalities of life, anyway.  Boooor-ing.

So why not take a chance on something?  Expect the best, with a smile on your face and metaphorical crown on your head.  Be happy.  Be so happy your cheeks hurt.  Decide.  Decide.  Change your mind.  And if you find yourself grouchy again in an hour (which never happens to me) decide to change your mind again.

Work it out, like a muscle.  One, and two, and three…  So on.

Enjoy the ride.  That’s what I get from this whole book.  Lean back, smile and open your eyes through this life adventure.  There are enough quotes out there confirming that happiness is not a destination.  It’s the way.

Don’t worry.  And BE HAPPY.

This was fun.  Thanks so much  for reading.  I’m planning another book club video series next week, so I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below, or tweet me.

Want the book? Click to purchase How to Be Happy All the Time (Wisdom of Yogananda) (v. 1) from Amazon.

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